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Hello, my name is Tom and I run Playgroup Dog Activities! Firstly, congratulations for being a responsible dog owner by looking for some extra help for your dog. They really would thank you for it; if only they could speak! I offer a fully insured dog walking service in Worthing that focuses on safe and responsible sized groups, with a maximum of 4 dogs per walk. My goal with Playgroup Dog Activities is to provide practical solutions for both the responsible dog owner and the dog that needs some extra help during the day.

So, why hire a dog walker? Many dog owners throughout the country have to work and balance care for their pets. While dogs may get used to this routine, it's far from a healthy one. One good walk and a run with other dogs is all it takes to split up the day and keep your dog in a much happier state of mind. I created Playgroup to provide you with a fully insured professional dog walker in Worthing that will ensure your dog gets all the mental and phycial stimulation it deserves!
Playgroup doesn't just give your dog a good play and cardio workout, it keeps them sociable around other dogs and people, gives them a routine which in turn gives them stability, keeps them in shape and improves behaviour tenfold by removing frustration. We also run through the commands they have learnt to refresh them in their minds and enforce a healthy level of obedience.
I also provide pet sitting services in West Sussex & holiday care based in your own home. If you're anxious about your dog being left somewhere unfamiliar while you're away, own home holiday care can be a great option that has four key benefits: Their routine is left unchanged, they remain in a safe and familiar place, they don't miss out on their exercise and your house looks lived in (and well guarded)! Click here to learn about the safety policies of Playgroup, and to learn more about my dog walking service in Worthing click the buttons in the navigation bar above!

Even if I don't get the pleasure of looking after your dog like one of my own, I really hope you'll follow Playgroup on Facebook and join in with the local dog discussions!

A DBS checked dog walking service in Worthing A fully insured dog walker in Worthing
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Not just a dog walking service!

Playgroup isn't just a dog walking service in Worthing. Playgroup takes pride in helping create community events to bring people together through our shared love of dogs. Join our dog walker in Worthing for organised dog walks, organised puppy playgroups, helping find a lost dog, it really could be anything!
To always be aware of the details for the next event, follow our blog, Twitter or dog walker on Facebook. You can find links to these places all over the place, so go sniff 'em out!

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Not just a dog walker or pet sitter in Worthing, but we help create community events also!

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