Dog walker and pet sitting in Worthing

Playgroup Dog Walking Service

Playgroup was designed around the concept of organised walks that allow dogs to get some good exercise and some mentally stimulating play time while you're away at work. The walks are ideally done in groups that can range between 3-4, which allows me to share out individual attention and always be in full control.
I always make sure the location is perfect for running and interesting for walking; using locations such as the Sussex Downs and other local locations!
Playgroup doesn't charge you any extra if your dog has to go out on a solo walk. Unlike my competitors Playgroup dog walks are priced by time exercised, and not decided by how busy I am! I can cater for most dogs with either 60 minute walks or even 2 hour Playgroup™ hikes for the super energetic breeds!

I'm one of the few dog walking services in Worthing that only walks a maximum of 3/4 dogs, for the sake of safety and control.

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Dog Sitting in West Sussex

If you have to go away for a day or a weekend and you know (like most dogs do) that the kennels are far from the right option, then hire a pet sitter in Worthing West Sussex and save yourself the stress! I can come over and keep your dog company while your mind can rest knowing your pet is at home where he feels safe and in the care of a DBS/CRB checked and fully insured responsible pet sitter.
A DBS and fully insured pet sitter in West Sussex

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Home Visits

This is a little bit like the dog sitting option above, however it's a 20 minute visit for dogs that are quite content keeping the house while you're away.
My job here would be to stop by to make sure they are watered and fed, let them outside to go the toilet, run through their taught commands and provide them with a friendly face to interact with. These visits are ideal for dogs that suffer seperation anxiety, puppies who would otherwise spend the day isolated without human interaction, and for dogs with owners who may need that extra help with ensuring medication is administered and other doggy duties.
Don't forget, there's nothing stopping me from putting a deal together to keep your dog happy while you're away with a mixture of visits and Playgroup Dog walks!

Home visits are restricted to time slots between 10.00 till 10.30 am, and 2.30 till 3.00pm. With Holiday Care arrangements (See Holiday Care below), home visits take place first thing in the morning and in the late afternoon.

Hire a pet sitter in West Sussex for quick visits
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Playgroup Holiday Care

If you're going on holiday or away for the weekend, you may be anxious about your dog having to stay in an unfamiliar kennels which they may find distressing. With Playgroup Holiday Care we combine dog walks, home visits and dog sitting in the evenings to allow your dog to stay at home where they're most comfortable. All of this comes at a price that rivals and even beats the kennels, which also supplies your dog with good daily exercise!
With Playgroup Holiday Care, the longest period they'll be on their own for will be a four hours and 15 minute period purposefully placed after their walk when they'll be tired (except through the night as they sleep), and they will benefit from good exercise and the comforts of being in their own home with their best blanket and chew toy. I can also stay overnight for a little extra!

A day for your dog may look like this:
7.00am - 7.30am - Home visit (Fed, let outside, played with, house made to look lived in, etc)
11.15pm - 12.45pm (One hour of dog walking up the downs, plus car trips)
5.00pm - 5.30pm - Home visit (Fed, let out, played with)
6.30pm - 11.30pm - Five hours of dog sitting
*additional Sleep over*

Options with two walks a day are also avaliable.

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